Hi, and thank you for visiting my blog. Have you ever wondered why a black top might look super on your best friend and not on YOU? Or maybe you bought a lipstick in a shade that looked fabulous on a celeb you admire but  did not look good on you??

Maybe you even decided to go blonde, because you admired the new look on your famous celeb, but  then when you tried it  turned out to be a disaster on you?....The answer to these questions lays on one principal: Color Analysis.
Without the knowledge of this principle even celebs can make mistakes and end up on the list of the "worst" instead of the "best".

If you want to know which hair color, makeup, clothing, accessories and sunglasses will look fabulous on you, read this article filled with lots of resources to help you identify your COLOR SEASON and help you maximize your choices.

In this section I am going to teach you about color analysis (also called color season) and help you determine your Color Season by identifying your undertone. Your undertone determines your season, so learning how to properly identify it, is crucial to selecting the right hue for your clothes, makeup- accessories and hair color.

               What is an undertone?
An undertone is composed of 3 pigments: Carotene-yellow; Melanin- brown; Hemoglobin- red.

If a person has more of the hemoglobin and melanin, red and brown makes blue so that person has a COOL undertone. If a person has more of the carotene, because carotene is yellow, that person has a WARM undertone.
How can you identify your undertone?

Normally a color consultant will have to do it. With the help of the right tools (called drapes) she can pin-point your undertone  and show you the difference of how each color  impacts your face, but since I have been raised by a mom who did Image Consulting as a profession, I have learned how to recognize each season not only by using the drapes but also by analyzing your own characteristics since each season exhibits common traits.

    Here are guidelines easy to follow.

Read the following information to discover how you can transform you into a NEW YOU.

1-Take a long careful look at yourself in the mirror. Do it bare-faced, without a single trace of make up. What do you see?
Study your skin tone in a natural light. See if it has a predominantly yellow or blue cast.
2- If you're not sure, place a white sheet of paper next to the inside surface of your wrist and determine whether your skin has a bluish or golden cast.

Cool people tend to have more of yellow –sallow - olive tone  on their skin

Warm people tend to have pink-translucent cast on their skin with yellow freckles or it can also be very red....
.....Yeah, I know it sounds contradictory, but this is why pink blush and lipstick on someone who has a pink reddish skin-tone is not flattering and can make their face puffy and  blemished.

Cool. If you see a blue tone, you belong to one of the "cool" color groups (winter or summer).
If your skin has a yellow tone, your colors are "warm" (spring or autumn). Below are detailed characteristics that best describe each season. See which group below best describes your natural coloring.

Winter—Your skin has a lot of blue in it. Your skin tone is yellowish. It can range from milky white to a true black. If your skin tone is pure beige or olive, you are also part of this group. Your eyes are probably dark brown or dark blue. Your hair color can range from as dark as black to medium brown to ash /blond.

Autumn—There's a clear yellow-gold tone to your skin. Your skin color ranges from peach to golden beige. Pale ivory with golden freckles also belong to this group. Your eyes are light and pure or warmly dark. With golden specks in it They range from clear blue or green to olive green, light golden brown and dark brown. The hair color can range form redheads, strawberry blondes, chestnut , or golden brown.

Summer—Your skin is blue based with lighter beige overtones. In this group, skin tones can range from soft pale beige to lightly rosy pink, olive, or medium brown. Your eyes are: light blue, soft hazel, soft brown and soft gray . Your hair seems sun-kissed. It goes from blonde to medium brown. Ash blonde or light brown hair is also in this group.

Spring—Pure gold is the basic skin tone here. Your skin may be golden, ivory peach to dark beige and golden brown. Your eyes are either dark with golden specks or bright bright blue, dark blue, clear green, light brown with gold specks. Your hair may be strawberry, dark brown with reddish highlights. It also may be golden blonde, golden brown or deep black.

Once you determine your  color season, whether warm or cool, any color season is flattering to the person that belongs to that season. If you select the color range that enhances your natural beauty, you will look great and you will feel confident in anything you will wear!!

TIP: If  you are still not sure which season you fall into, this is my advice:
Experiment with some inexpensive lipsticks in cool shades: pink or red and in warm shades: cinnamon or coral.
Then buy two inexpensive scarves: one black and one ivory or golden beige.

Wear the black scarf with the cool lipsticks (one at a time) and see what happens to your face: are your eyes "popping"? or are your circles popping?
Repeat the same with the warm scarf and lipsticks and see what happens.

If you love what you see, chances are that you have  pinpointed  your undertone and found out if you fall into the warm or a cool season. Once you have this knowledge, everything  becomes easy and buying cosmetics, jewelry and clothing will be a piece of cake.

Here are  color swatches that represent each season!!!  Make them your  own and see your confidence  soar to  new heights! (insert color charts)

                       Color Charts

  Winter Color Chart

The Winter palette has the range of all dark, vivid, and bright colors. These colors are blue based and icy.This is the only season that  holds all of the primary colors: white, black, pure red, and navy. Winters do not wear  oranges well. Also light-medium browns and some camel are not the best choice for Winters. No woman can wear a Pure White as beautifully as Winter can!

  Summer Color Chart

Black is missing from the Summer palette, because it’s not a flattering color for Summers, if used close to the face. Summer, has soft colors and lots of pastels to choose from.  The dark colors are more muted than those of the Winter.  Pastels are lovely for Summers.

  Spring Color Chart

Spring has a red, a green and a blue; but these hues differ from the ones of the Winter because they are  yellow based. Spring has medium and light colors, and some vivid colors. This season, looks best with corals and salmons colors next to the face. Avoid: pure black and pure white next to the face.

  Autumn Color Chart

Autumns Do NOT look good in  black. Perfect Colors for Autumns  are camel, teal, olive, cinnamon and any shade of the browns.
This palette has rich, warm, golden colors, light and dark in tones both muted and vivid.

          Hope you enjoyed this info.
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 Thank you for visiting my blog. Here I am going to share tips on how to discover your face shape so that you can choose the most flattering eyeglasses' frame for your face shape-effortlessly-.

Choosing  eyeglass frames    -for vision or for fun -that compliment our face shape, is what can  make us stand out among the crowd!

When we do not know our face shape, we can try- on every pair of eyeglasses in the store, yet none will look good. By narrowing down the choices in advance we can save a lot of time, aggravation and  we can look like a million even with a chip frame!  What do we need to know to accomplish that?  To do so, it is important to determine our face shape and our skin tone coloring!! After we understand these two concepts, choosing the right one will just be a "piece of cake".

There are seven basic face shapes: round, oval, oblong or rectangular, base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond, and square. Here is a  description of these face shapes.

ROUND- a round face has curvilinear lines with the width and length in the same proportions and no angles. To make this face shape thinner and longer, try angular narrow eyeglasses to lengthen your face.  

OVAL- the oval face is considered to be the ideal shape because of its balanced proportions. To keep the oval’s natural balance, look for eyeglasses that are as wide (or even wider than) the broadest part of the face, and that are not too deep or too narrow.

 OBLONG- the oblong face is longer than it is wide and has a long straight cheek line and sometimes a longish nose. To make the face appear shorter and more balanced, try frames that have a top-to-top bottom depth, decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face or a low bridge to shorten the nose.  

BASE-DOWN TRIANGLE- this triangular face has a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas. To add width and emphasize the narrow upper third of the face, try frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half of cat-eye shapes. 

BASE-UP TRIANGLE- this face has a very wide top third and small bottom third. To minimize the width of the top of the face, try frames that are wider at the bottom, very light colors and materials, and rimless frame styles which have a light, airy effect because the lenses are held in place to the temples by a few screws.

  How to Determine Your Face Shape?

Step l
Pull your hair completely away from your face Look straight ahead into a mirror. With an eyebrow pencil, or lipstick, trace around the outer line of your reflected face onto the mirror, or, use a photograph of yourself looking straight at the camera with your hairline showing. Outline your face on a tracing paper or draw on the photograph itself

Step 2
Now. look at the shape you've drawn, and decide which of the seven face shapes it most closely matches. At first glance, it may look like more than one shape; take your time, decide which looks most close to the one of the seven shapes mentioned above

Remember, the seven face shapes:
• Triangular
• Round
• Rectangular-'Oblong
• Diamond
• Square
• Heart (Upside-Down Triangle)
• Oval

It you're still not sure of your face shape, dissect the drawing of your face with a grid like the diagram below. Draw a vertical line down the length of the lace on both sides, from the hairline above the forehead, in line with the outer corner of the eye, down to the jaw. The amount of face outside the two vertical lines helps you discover your facial shape.

Triangular. Is there very little of your face at the top, outside of the vertical lines you drew? And is there more at the middle, outside of the lines, and even more at the jawline outside? Your face shape is a triangle.

Round -Outside the vertical lines, is there more of the face near the ears, and gradually less curving upward and downward? And are upward and downward equal? Your face shape is round.

Rectangular or  Oblong Is there very little to almost none,  your face outside of the vertical lines you drew? And is it the same width whether you look at the top, the middle., or the bottom sides of the face? Your face shape is a rectangle.

Diamond Is there very little, to almost none, of your face outside of the vertical lines you drew? But is what's  outside a little wider near the cheekbones and ears?. If the "above and below" parts are about equal your face shape is a diamond.

Square Is there a lot of your face outside the vertical lines you drew? And is it equal, from top to bottom? Your face shape is a square.

Heart . Is there very little of your face, at the jaw and outside of the vertical lines you drew? And is there more at about the eye level, outside of the lines, and even more at forehead level, outside? Then, your face is heart shaped.

Oval. Oval is considered by many to be the loveliest and most adaptable face shape. What it should look is  neither very little nor very much face outside the vertical lines you drew. What  is outside should be gently curves a bit  wider at the eye/ear level, to slightly narrower at the forehead and jaw levels, looking almost equal to each other in width. If so then your face shape is oval.
Hope you enjoyed these tips.
Please visit again to learn How To Determine Your Skin Tone and how to flatter it with the right Colors. - Donatella- 

Look at Justin, all grown up! The now 18 year old had a photo shoot with V Magazine. 

The magazine comes out Jan 12th. Bieber has been crowned "Pop's Crown Prince"... not too shabby. 

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Nicole just confessed to InStyle that she does not know how to put on makeup. Granted, being a celebrity and all, people on makeup for you. But she admit to not even owning much makeup, either! Ah that's like a sin! 

For makeup junkies like myself, not knowing how to apply makeup or not owning much makeup is just unheard of!  

Find out what makeup she DOES own here: http://tinyurl.com/89jnmqp

Her sense of style, however, shines through her two clothing lines. We still love ya Nicole, but if you would like some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to makeup, try watching some of the most talented girls on Youtube!

What do you think about that? Leave comments below!

Hello lovelies :)

List of clothing/products from vid
*Nails: O.P.I. Lincoln Park at Midnight
*Lips: Easyshine in 08 Sweet Strawberry
*Winter Coat: Michael Kors Century 21
*Watch: Century 21
*Skirt: Marshalls
*Shoes: TJMaxx
*Leggings: Pretty Girls Boutique
*Red Scarf: gift from Aunt (bought in NY)
*Black Scarf: Rue 21 (long time ago)
*Silver shirt: Marshalls

Post YOUR outfit of the day here or on my Youtube video!


Jessica looks so radiant and happy ... and rightfully so! She is, of course, pregnant and is now playing the guessing game about the sex of her baby! I'm also very excited to find out what her baby is going to look like and if it will be a he or she... very thrilling time for her!

Speaking of babies, Jessica is coming out with her own maternity line! And exciting for future mom's, they won't have to wait too long for that to come out. She announced that her line will be coming out in February. 

Jessica of course also talked about Fashion Star which premiers on March 13th! WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE SHOW TO COME OUT?! I am! It's going to be kinda like the X-Factor in that people will have mentors, but in the fashion biz... can't wait!

What are your thoughts? Excited for the show?

Share below in the comments section!

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The Hit Comedy Series 'Fashion Police' on E! is going to be airing for one hour starting March 9th.

It has been stated that due to popular demand and an overwhelming amount of views, they are deciding to extend the show to an hour! Joan Rivers along with the other panel members will, as always, bring their charm and wittiness to the show as everyone loves.

Are you excited for the hour long show? 

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Kanye West has been recently tweeting about a new clothing line. He recently corrected rumors circulating on twitter regarding the name of his line. Well, Kanye, whatever the name, I'm sure your line will be amazing and we can't wait to find out! 

West has recently showed his debut collection in Paris and got positive reviews. 

What are your thoughts on Kanye's new line? Share your comments below!

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Do you ever leave your house without makeup? I know I certainly couldn't. 

Well, StyleBistro wrote about Sandra Bullock's upcoming role in a movie called Gravity. They said that she will not be wearing makeup at all on camera ... not even Chapstick!

What do you think about the upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller ... and what do you think about Sandra being makeup-less on TV? Leave comments below!

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