Look at Justin, all grown up! The now 18 year old had a photo shoot with V Magazine. 

The magazine comes out Jan 12th. Bieber has been crowned "Pop's Crown Prince"... not too shabby. 

To see his pictures, click here to the original article: http://tinyurl.com/6npocdt
Nicole just confessed to InStyle that she does not know how to put on makeup. Granted, being a celebrity and all, people on makeup for you. But she admit to not even owning much makeup, either! Ah that's like a sin! 

For makeup junkies like myself, not knowing how to apply makeup or not owning much makeup is just unheard of!  

Find out what makeup she DOES own here: http://tinyurl.com/89jnmqp

Her sense of style, however, shines through her two clothing lines. We still love ya Nicole, but if you would like some helpful tips and tricks when it comes to makeup, try watching some of the most talented girls on Youtube!

What do you think about that? Leave comments below!
Jessica looks so radiant and happy ... and rightfully so! She is, of course, pregnant and is now playing the guessing game about the sex of her baby! I'm also very excited to find out what her baby is going to look like and if it will be a he or she... very thrilling time for her!

Speaking of babies, Jessica is coming out with her own maternity line! And exciting for future mom's, they won't have to wait too long for that to come out. She announced that her line will be coming out in February. 

Jessica of course also talked about Fashion Star which premiers on March 13th! WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE SHOW TO COME OUT?! I am! It's going to be kinda like the X-Factor in that people will have mentors, but in the fashion biz... can't wait!

What are your thoughts? Excited for the show?

Share below in the comments section!

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Kanye West has been recently tweeting about a new clothing line. He recently corrected rumors circulating on twitter regarding the name of his line. Well, Kanye, whatever the name, I'm sure your line will be amazing and we can't wait to find out! 

West has recently showed his debut collection in Paris and got positive reviews. 

What are your thoughts on Kanye's new line? Share your comments below!

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Do you ever leave your house without makeup? I know I certainly couldn't. 

Well, StyleBistro wrote about Sandra Bullock's upcoming role in a movie called Gravity. They said that she will not be wearing makeup at all on camera ... not even Chapstick!

What do you think about the upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller ... and what do you think about Sandra being makeup-less on TV? Leave comments below!

 Click here to read the article: http://tinyurl.com/86csmzq


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