Our wardrobe sends messages loud and clear to the world such as:

” I like myself”, “ I care about the way I look,” “ I am an individual worth knowing“, “I don’t really care about myself”, “I don’t care how I look because no one will like me anyway” or “I am no one special, so I hate the world”.

What we say at a first meeting with a teacher, a classmate or a potential employer is only half of what the other person “hears”. Before, we even open our mouths, our appearance speaks for us.

Clothes have clout. They have the power to enhance or inhibit a positive image. If we package ourselves to reflect who we really are, we have better chances at succeeding in life, in making people like us, in communicating better with our teachers and even finding the right guy.

Corporations spend million of dollars “packaging” their products to attract a certain market, the size of the product, the color of the package, the models they hire to represent their products,- all are considerations that corporations make when they want to induce and persuade a consumer into buying their product. Personal “packaging” works the same way. We want to present an attractive “product” in order to attract the right friends, the right attention from peers, attract the right guy and finally land the right job.

So, we must learn how to choose a flattering wardrobe in our correct colors, select a flattering hairstyle, learn to apply makeup that complements our skin tone, implement a skin regime to keep our complexion radiant and be able to be perceived as important and last…….HOW TO SELECT CLOTHES that exemplify OUR TRUE PERSONALITY STYLE.

Each of us girls have a very different and distinct style than another.
To find out our own fashion style, think of your preferences and tastes as well as your lifestyle. As soon as you define your personality, your fashion direction will emerge and you will make your special fashion statement no matter where you go. Your closet will start to develop a signature of your own and your friends will begin to make comments such as “This is so much Donatella”, or “I know exactly what to get Donatella for her birthday” and etc.
You will feels so much at ease in your clothes and you will gain a level of confidence you did not know you had. “A NEW YOU “will emerge.

Please go to part two to take the quiz.

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