What exactly is a Prom night?   
 A prom night is that special moment when we can  shop for a  Formal Dress and  show off our  GORGEOUS attire at the dance that honors our    school,  says “fairwell to our wonder years” and  marks a Beginning into adulthood years!!

But most of all,  Prom Night is The AWAITED  magical night when we girls can dance with that special boy, with whom we have  had a crush on, for the entire school year. 

Prom night is also  considered the only time to transform each of us  girls  into a Cinderella.  The opportunity to wear a very elegant gown and showcase fancy  “up dos”,  can  spell “magic” into everyone of us. 

But whether a prom night is a night to remember or just a dance; it does require a lot of preparation! I am a Junior in college now, but I still remember the jitters and the expectation of my prom night as if it happened yesterday. This is why I can tell with confidence that the  One thing that everyone has  in common with one another: is the CHOOSING of a prom gown! This  is a major task that can overwhelm  and stress many teens.   
So here are some advices that hopefully, will simplify  the process of choosing Your Perfect Prom Gown and make you look “picture perfect” on your prom night.  Regardless of where you buy the dress: weather you use on-line shopping or off line shopping; you still need to know how to pick the best dress that enhances your natural beauty. 
 Buying a prom dress on-line
Buying prom dresses on- line- can be easy and less time consuming.  It is also lots of fun, because you get to check out hundreds more varieties than you would if you were shopping in a traditional store and you can shop for designer dresses, or for discounted dresses, all at the click of the mouse.  Tip: check their return policy, then buy two or three different styles to experiment with.  

Regardless of your budget  and where you buy your gown from, the important points to  keep in mind  to ensure you pick the perfect gown are:  YOUR BODY TYPEYOUR PERSONALITY TYPE  &  YOUR COLOR SEASON   

If you do not know what Color Season you fall into and if you do not know what Personality Style you fall into; please refer to the previous postings in this blog.

Your Body Type is an important consideration when shopping for a  –gown on-line.  In fact, I  can even strongly say that it is the most important thing, BECAUSE you want to select a dress that flatters your body type, not one that may accentuate your flaws! 

Don’t choose one just because it looks good on the model displaying it on the net! Why? Because you may have a different body type than she does! You should choose a gown that compliments YOUR best features!!

Learn how to discover your body. 

Is it curvy?  An hourglass shape, with small waist lines and curvy hips is a common body type.
 It is athletic? (Straighter waist, narrow hips and smaller bust).
 Is it round all over? 
Is it pear shaped? (Larger on the bottom than on the top).  
Take a minute to assess your body and decide what shape describes most you.  
TIP: if you are not sure, wear some tights and tank top,  tape a large sheet of paper against a wall and have someone (your mom or sister or friend) draw a contour of your body against the paper. This help will identify your body type.  
Once you have identified your body type, then you can choose a dress that flatters YOU!  

Here are some prom dress selections for different body types:

        HOURGLASS- hourglass figures are lucky; they usually look good in everything! Consider strapless or halter top dresses. 

        STRAIGHT- if you have a boyish figure, you’ll want to try avoiding body dresses that might emphasize your squarer figure. Try an A-line dress, not  fitted which will help add volume and curves. Open shoulders are a good choice, consider a  dress with a flared skirt.  

        ROUNDED- for rounded figured women there are many flattering dresses, the best are the ones with a drop waist and low neckline. A low neckline helps enhance your bust,  the drop waist lengthens your torso. An empire cut dress is also flattering it lengthens the body and figure overall. You might try paring this look  with a  skirt. 

        PEAR SHAPED- A-line dresses that are straight cut and empire waists are good  selections for this body shape, because they lengthen the legs and to give the appearance of balance and height.  

Size --How do you know what size to buy?

Size is actually a big problem for most. The closer to your actual size you get, the less likely you’ll need alternation. Keep in mind that manufacturers sizes vary. You may be a size 10 but with a designer gown you may be an 8. In some less expensive dresses you may be even a size 12. So how do you know? Fortunately almost all dresses listed online will have a manufacturer chart  handy! You must take the time to measure your body parts indicated in the chart and then match them with those on the chart.   ON –Line shopping can be a very fun experience (one that will save you time and money, with no need in handling returns waiting on long lines). 
 Prom Shopping Guide Directory

This category will be updated regularly; please visit often and please blog with me.  I will add your suggestions  and will list any  site that each of you will recommend,  to make your On –line Shopping as fun and inexpensive as can be!!

Here are some winners: 

Do you want to dance all night without risk of aches and pains?
Here is an item I will recommend, it is a pair of comfy, cushiony inserts that can be flipped in your high heel sandals or shoes  made by  Dr. Shools. Available at any drug store.
Do you want to know how to find the greatest jewelry for next to nothing? Visit www.clairesaccessories.com

Do you want to shop for the hottest evening bags?  Try www.amiciaccessories.com A little expensive, but nice.

Does your budget allows you to splurge in  very fancy dress, priced at about $200.00 ? Then try www.edressme.com
Also www.dressfornight.com. They have  a great selection for any important event.  

More to come!!! 

If you can’t afford that price tag, but you still want to be chic, try:

 www.rampage.com or


What about finding the best dancing shoeswww.capezio.com  then click to “dance shoes” at the bottom.

They have the best kept secret:  Broadway performers use them.  These shoes come with extra padding and are made of flexible materials. They will make you dance the whole night.

What about the best STAY ON lip stick? I tried this one and I can assure it will stay on.  Try: maxwear lipcolor & gloss duo $ 10.00 from Max  Factor.

Best product to zap away a zit?

www.myzeno.com . It is expensive and may sting a bit because of the excessive heat penetrating your skin, but it does work. It helps control only mild cases of acne and occasional breakouts.  

Do you wish you have kissable, plumped lips, without injection and without drying out your lips? Click to  "my picks" button on this blog.  

Do you want the best up-do on a budget? 

Try a virtual hairstyle first and then head to JC Penney Salons.  They have stylists who are specialized in prom style up-dos to transform any girl into a  Cinderella one.
Hope you enjoyed this blog.
Have a great prom night.


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