Here is a quiz to help you identify your personality type. Once you identify which is your predominant fashion style and which is your secondary fashion style,  you will be able to  build a wardrobe that  will exude your own personality STYLE and make you look good wherever you go: a game, night club or a visit at the museum.

1. You want others to perceive you as:

A. Gracious, refined, well-mannered
B. Friendly, informal, perky
C. Sophisticated, self-assured, exciting
D. Soft, feminine, charming

2. Which statement describes your clothing tastes?

A. Tailored, understated elegance
B. Simple, casual, comfortable
C. Fashion-forward, creative
D. Soft, sensual, graceful

3. Which best describes your makeup look?

A. Subtle and sophisticated; clear colors and polished application
B. Minimal makeup, natural, healthy glow
C. The newest, boldest colors and applications
D. Soft or frosted pastel colors; delicate took

4. Which clothing shapes do you prefer?

A. Tailored, symmetrical, sleek
B. Simple, easy, sporty lines
C. Bold, asymmetrical, angular
D. Soft and flowing

5. Your idea of a great evening out is:

A. A symphony concert
B. A barbeque with friends
C. An "avant-garde" theater production
D. A candlelight dinner for two

6. If you were taking dancing lessons, they would be:

A. Ballroom
B. Country line dancing
C. Jazz
D. Ballet

7. Which group of women do you identify with in fashion terms?

A. Angelina Jolie
B. Amanda Bynes
C. Avril Levin,Madonna
D. Vanessa Hudgens

8. Besides solids, which patterns and textures dominate your wardrobe?

A. Tailored stripes & plaids, paisleys
B. Tweeds, corduroys, herringbones
c. Bold geometries and splashy florals
D. Soft florals, sheers and laces

9. Assuming your hair would cooperate, which hairstyle would you wear?

A. Neat. smooth and simple
B. Short and tousled
c. Sleek and asymmetrical
D. Softly curled and feathered

Mostly A’s you are Classic- Preppy
Mostly B’s you are Casual-Sporty
Mostly C’s you are mostly Dramatic-Diva
Mostly D’s you are Romantic-Girly

If you are Dramatic-Diva:
You never follow the crowd. Everyone expects the unexpected from you and you don't disappoint them. You're not afraid to mix the latest trend with an old favorite because you have fun with your clothes. Playful shapes and prints were made for you. You wear bold, hot colors and patterns with leggings and minis one day, and delicate laces with bold tweeds the next. Anything to be different. You've got style with a smile!
Is this you???

If you are Classic-Preppy:
You are well tailored, wear clean-lined clothes that never go out of style and you make clothing choices that are not based on what is “in” at that moment. You're not a fad follower and prefer the tried and true. You love fine detail, natural fabrics and time-honored shapes. You have a subtle way with clothes that is usually understated. You favor monograms and crested blazers and pearls are your preferred accessory. Your footwear? Tassled loafers, sleek boots, fine leather flats. Is this you???

If you are Casual-Sporty:
You wear, No-Fuss, ready-for-anything clothes. You love the active influence in fashion because it suits your fast-paced competitive lifestyle. You strive to be self-assured and fit. You know how to stretch those action oriented basics around which you've built your wardrobe with. Jeans, cycle pants, sweats, leggings, tanks and T-shirts all become fashion fun in your hands. You can make an active look go from the gym to the street with a few simple accessory changes. Comfort and convenience are musts for you. Is this you???

If you are Romantic-Girly:
You prefer soft, flowing clothes. Nothing body tight or exaggerated. You love delicate details—touches of lace, ruffles and bows. You collect antiques and sentimental favorites and mix them with modern classics. Your favorite fabrics include velvets, fluffy angora, soft wools, satins and lace which you love to mix with country tweeds and woolly knits. Tiered longish skirts, peek-a-boo petticoats, ruffled, full sleeved blouses with frilly high collars are for you; so are tiny prints, soft shawls, antique pins, ribbons and silky bows-Is this you???

As I mentioned before, we are all unique and not "cookie cutter" made. You will find out from this test that you did not score 100% A's or B's or C' or D's. But whatever the highest number and the secondary number is, most likely these first two are the two personality styles that you may want to get know more and start building a wardrobe with.

Example:If you scored high in dramatic and second highest score was in romantic; you can blend the two by adding soft accessories such as headbands with flowers, or necklaces with flowers (and so forth) to your bold-trendy outfits.

Have fun  becoming "YOU" only better.

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