The Hit Comedy Series 'Fashion Police' on E! is going to be airing for one hour starting March 9th.

It has been stated that due to popular demand and an overwhelming amount of views, they are deciding to extend the show to an hour! Joan Rivers along with the other panel members will, as always, bring their charm and wittiness to the show as everyone loves.

Are you excited for the hour long show? 

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Kanye West has been recently tweeting about a new clothing line. He recently corrected rumors circulating on twitter regarding the name of his line. Well, Kanye, whatever the name, I'm sure your line will be amazing and we can't wait to find out! 

West has recently showed his debut collection in Paris and got positive reviews. 

What are your thoughts on Kanye's new line? Share your comments below!

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Do you ever leave your house without makeup? I know I certainly couldn't. 

Well, StyleBistro wrote about Sandra Bullock's upcoming role in a movie called Gravity. They said that she will not be wearing makeup at all on camera ... not even Chapstick!

What do you think about the upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller ... and what do you think about Sandra being makeup-less on TV? Leave comments below!

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